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Brazilian legend Pele joined the war of words thrown around by top stars regarding who is the best footballer at the moment.

Pele opines that diminutive Argentine international Lionel Messi is the best footballer in the last decade.

Many place Pele as the greatest player that has ever played the round leather game. Pele won three World Cup titles, and remains relevant in international football till date. For the last decade, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have battled for supremacy in the game. Pele said that Messi is better.

“I could mention some names, but what has happened in the last 10 to 15 years, I think Messi is the player who was the most consistent all those years, no doubt,” Pele said. “We have had a lot of good players. Then Cristiano Ronaldo came late but it is different because Messi is the more organized, he scores goals,” he added.

Ronaldo is the subject of serious words exchange after he responded to comments former Barcelona star Xavi Hernandez made. Xavi claimed Ronaldo was an “elite footballer” but was just unlucky to be playing at the same time as Messi. He gave Messi the edge, saying he was the best player in the world. Ronaldo didn’t take the statement lightly.

“I couldn’t care less about what Xavi says about me, he plays in Qatar or I don’t even know where. He’s won every collective trophy, including a World Cup and the European Championship, but he’s never won a Ballon d’Or,” Ronaldo retorted. Many condemned his statement for rubbishing the contributions of the former Spain international to teams he has played in.
Samuel Eto’o who spent five years playing alongside Xavi also waded in.

“A player can’t say because they have four or five [Ballon d’Or], they’re the best. If the Ballon d’Or was fair, Xavi would have won five or six. He deserves all the respect in the world. Xavi did not say what he said out of a lack of respect. Xavi is Xavi,” Eto’o claimed.

Sturridge Should Not Complain about Wide Positions, Says Klopp

Jurgen Klopp and Daniel Sturridge have been involved in a war of words over the last few weeks.

The striker recently expressed his dissatisfaction at being asked to play on the wings in the game against Burnley. The match ended as a 2-0 loss for the Liverpool team which started the opening game of the season in brilliant fashion with a 4-3 win over Arsenal. Sturridge’s position in the team has come under threat from the day Klopp came to the club. The German was initially unhappy with the player’s unavailability due to niggling injuries, while he has admitted that the England international possesses a knack of scoring goals.

The debate between the two has continued even into the 2016-17 season. Even though Sturridge expressed his dissatisfaction at his new role,Klopp says that the England star should learn that there are no defined positions in the game anymore. He has pointed out to the example of Portuguese and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who started out on the wings and no plays in a free roll across the pitch. Ronaldo is not restricted to a certain position on the pitch and he often gets into the box to score from headers. It remains to be seen if Sturridge will be given a free role underKlopp.

“We don’t have these defined positions in football any more — Cristiano Ronaldo plays on the wing but is always in the box when the ball is in and around it.It’s not about running around all the time. I said I don’t want to make him a marathon runner, why should I? I don’t want to play Daniel on the wing, why should I? It’s not like ‘Go here, go there always.’ It’s no problem to talk about it, but it’s not an issue when a player says ‘It’s not my favourite position’,” said Klopp.

Cristiano Ronaldo ventures into a new business

With a weekly base salary of £274,000, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the wealthiest players not only in football but just about every sport.

The star of Real Madrid also earns a constant flow of cash after having released a line of shirts, underwear, fragrances and footwear.

The Portuguese star has added a new line of product to his name and this latest addition is blankets as he partnered up with the American company Elite Team.

Cristiano Ronaldo signed a 3 year long deal with Elite Team and this agreement allows the American company to have exclusive worldwide rights to produce, distribute and market the signature luxury blankets.

These blankets are in the higher section of price as they can range from around $60-$130, which might be a fairly high amount of money for a blanket.

After signing with Elite Team, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo voiced his satisfaction and happiness as he said: “I am very excited to partner with Elite Team and launch my signature line of CR7 luxury blankets. I am incredibly impressed with the level of quality and craftsmanship; it truly is the most comfortable blanket I have ever felt and complements my already established CR7 brands perfectly.”

Dan Sinykin is the president of Elite Team as well as the chief executive and he voiced to the public how it’s been to sign an exclusive contract with the Portuguese superstar as Dan said: On behalf of Elite Team, we are thrilled to be working alongside a person as extraordinary as Cristiano Ronaldo, a world famous athlete with inspiring leadership qualities’’

“Cris’ unique ability to transcend his success on the pitch to building his personal brand outside of soccer is redefining class and luxury. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

Carlo Ancelotti has stated that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players he has ever managed

Former Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has stated that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players he has ever managed in his career.

He said that the player was a winner and had a great fighting spirit and was a pleasure to manage. Indeed Ancelotti won 4 trophies when he managed Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

Many people believe that Ronaldo is an arrogant player that only cares about his image or skills on the pitch but not according to his former manager. The latter has described Ronaldo as being a player that cares about his performance and also about his team. He said that he is always on time for training and that he always gives his best in order to help the team.

Carlo Ancelotti said that Cristiano Ronaldo always spent time with his teammate after a game to discuss about what went wrong and how they can improve their game. He is by no means an individual player that only cares about his game on the pitch. He said that Ronaldo does not hide his feelings whenever things do not go his way on the pitch, and he will make it known to his teammates.

He said Ronaldo is so focused on his game that he has organized his whole life around his career. He said that Ronaldo is a professional and that he pays attention to what he eats, when he sleeps, and how he train. Ancelotti stated that it is not luck that has brought Cristiano Ronaldo where he is. He stated that the forward has put in a lot of hard work and that he is always thinking about how he can improve himself and become better.

Cristiano Ronaldo enjoying personalized training schedule to stay fresh

Cristiano Ronaldo enjoying personalized training schedule to stay fresh ahead of Champions League final..

Cristiano Ronaldo has been customizing his training session to ensure that he stays fit for the Champions League final that will see his club Real Madrid takes on Atletico Madrid. Ronaldo, who has a slight injury to his thigh, would want to be careful with his training sessions so as to avoid making the injury worst.

It is believed that he has been given the approval by Zinedine Zidane to have his own personalized training so as to be able to recover after this long season. Ronaldo is currently being monitored closely by the club‘s medical staff as they want to ensure that Portuguese forward is fully fit for the match on Saturday.

Cristiano Ronaldo spent last Sunday at the club training facility while the other players were given the day off. He wants to ensure that he is to his full potential for the game that could turn out to be quite tight and physical. Indeed. Atletico Madrid is renowned for being a physical side that place great emphasis on defence and ball keeping. Real Madrid will not have a lot of space in the match, and they will need all the talents of their forward players if they want to find a way through their defence.

Cristiano Ronaldo has had a recurrent problem with his thigh this season and will hope that this does not present him to participate in the final. So far he has missed 3 matches this season because of this injury, and he will want to remain careful with his training sessions so as not to aggravate this injury.

This could be a crucial match for Cristiano Ronaldo as there is news that the Portuguese forward might be leaving the club in the summer with Paris Saint-Germain interested in signing the Madrid’s star.

Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick sends Real Madrid to the next round

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a remarkable hat-trick that helps put his team to the next round in the Champions League.

Real Madrid, who had to score 3 goals in order to qualify to the next round, managed to do so thanks to its Portuguese striker.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in the first 20 minutes of the game to level the tie. His third goal came later on with a superb free-kick that did not give the Wolfsburg keeper any chance.
Cristiano Ronaldo, who has often been accused of fading in the big games, gave an excellent reply to his critics with this display. He single-handedly helped his team qualify for the next round by scoring the crucial goals.

The Portugal striker has so far scored 46 goals in all competition and will be delighted with the way he performed in this match. In February, he left out of a news conference after he was questioned about his performance in away games.

Cristiano Ronaldo will now look forward to the next games with Real Madrid. They have a great chance in the Spanish league where they trail Barcelona by only 4 points. On Friday, they will know who their opposition will be in the Champions League.

Real Madrid’s manager Zinedine Zidane was keen to demonstrate how important Ronaldo is to the team. He acknowledges that the win was a team effort but he stated that Ronaldo is the best player in the world, and he had shown it during the game. Zidane believes that not many players can score 3 goals in a Champions League match and that it takes someone special to achieve this.
Cristiano Ronaldo believes that with still a month to play in this season, and he will continue to improve and score goals.

Ronaldo Takes Part In Training Match With Portugal

On Saturday Cristiano Ronaldo was found training with team mates in Portugal.

He had a penalty miss when he was playing against Bulgaria and it could be to step up his performance. He was found training with fellow players like Pepe of Real Madrid, Bruno Alves and Nanai. The game against Belgium is scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

Among the players involved, one could also spot Renato Sanches, the eighteen year old midfielder. He is being targeted for signing by Manchester United for an amount of 46 million Euros. On Friday Ronaldo was chosen for two penalty kicks in two games when he was playing for Portugal. He missed both goals. As a result Portugal had to admit defeat to Bulgaria. Seeing how Ronaldo missed out both kicks, there was much buzz among fans and viewers. Last week he had missed out for Real when they were playing against Sevilla. The consecutive penalty kick misses have led to much speculation among fans and experts

However, the Portugal club manager claimed that the miss was not being counted as any real concern about Ronaldo’s performance. He stated that Ronaldo has always been delivering about 40 or 50 goals in every season and his form is not being doubted over. In order to get Portugal to qualify Ronaldo has contributed about five goals.

This friendly match in Portugal took place after the initial match was rescheduled. The initial match was supposed to be held in Belgium. After the terrorist attacks that occurred, the game’s venue was changed.

There are images of Ronaldo training with his Portugal team mates on several forums. He definitely does not look a day older to the eighteen year old protégé which is much relief to his fans who love to see him in form.

Dimitri Payet may have joined West Ham only a couple of months ago

Dimitri Payet may have joined West Ham only a couple of months ago, but he has already been rewarded with a new contract for his impressive performances and also to keep interest from other clubs at the bay. The 28-year-old was signed from Marseille for around £ 10 million.

He has been known for being prolific in spells. West Ham have seen enough to considerPayet as their most important asset after the player has brought in seven goals and four assists in 23 appearances for the club.Payet’s presence has helped the West Ham to retain a position in the top half of the table.
However, a threat to the player’s future at Upton Park has grown significantly in the last few months with Chinese clubs reportedly ready to spend around £ 38 million to acquire the Frenchman. It would have meant a sizeable profit on their £ 10 million investment, but West Ham have gone down the route of securing their most prized asset.Payet has signed a new five-year contract with the club. Apart from his good performances in the league, West Ham have also reached the fifth round of the FA Cup by beating Liverpool in extra time.

After a recent spell on the sidelines,Payet returned to the starting line-up with a goal against Bournemouth."For me it's a big step, an enormous show of faith, particularly from the Chairman [David] Sullivan and from the manager. I thank them for that, and I am proud and I'm happy to prolong the adventure with West Ham.I've said it several times, I feel good here, everyone's done all that they can to make me feel good. I want to help West Ham grow and, once again, this new contract shows my desire and motivation to fulfil those objectives," said the midfielder.


Cristiano Ronaldo has tried to put behind the disappointment of not winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or award by stating that his intentions are to make the fans happy. The Portuguese superstar may appear to have a self-obsession about winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or award, which is given to the best player in the world at the end of a calendar year.

Cristiano Ronaldo

After losing out to Lionel Messi in four consecutive seasons, Ronaldo did not appear to be happy when attending the awards. This all changed after back-to-back titles, which helped him gather three in total.

Messi, however, continued to lead the numbers game with four FIFA Ballon d’Or awards until now. He has just picked up his fifth to put himself comfortably ahead of Ronaldo. The Argentine and Barcelona superstar was recently named as the best player of 2015.

Unlike in recent years, Ronaldo did not show any disappointment following the awards ceremony, though there were rumours that throughout the presentation he was having a go at playing pokies on mobile at Pokies Palace - maybe he won on there instead!?

The 30-year-old had the opportunity to vote in the FIFA Ballon d’Or award since he was the captain of the Portuguese national team. It has been revealed that he ranks Karim Benzema, James Rodriguez, and Gareth Bale as the three best players in the world.

Even though there was a huge disappointment in terms of the actual trophy, Ronaldo was given a huge boost after being named in the 2015 FIFA FIFPro World Eleven.

“My work is to help my team win titles, score goals and form part of a team. I enjoy making people happy, my fans and everyone that follows me and likes my style of play. My aim is always to be among the best. Each season is a new challenge and I try to give my best. I want to make people happy,” said the Real Madrid superstar, who struggled with form during the middle of 2015.

Speculation has been rising that all is not well between Rafa Benitez and Cristiano Ronaldo

Speculation has been rising that all is not well between Rafa Benitez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ever since the Spaniard was appointed as the new manager for Real Madrid, he has been trying to play down the importance of Ronaldo. Such comments have not been made in open, but Benitez has been trying to put forward players like Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez. The tactics of the team have been altered in such a way that they are no longer hugely dependent on Ronaldo. After struggling to make any real impact so far this season, Ronaldo has hit form in the last few games.

He has scored a whopping eight goals in the last four matches. This is the kind of form the world has been witnessing from Ronaldo in the last five years. This was especially more pronounced during the spell of Carlo Ancelotti. Not only was Ronaldo personally successful while playing under the Italian, he also won the Champions League title for a second time in his career. This also earned him the FIFA Ballon d’Or award. Ronaldo has now made it clear that he enjoys playing under Ancelotti and cannot wait to do it again at some point in the future.

These comments are likely to put more pressure on manager Benitez, who has won the last five matches in all competitions. "He's like a big teddy bear, he's really sensitive and is a great guy. He would speak with us every day, but not just with me, with all of the players. I want to work with him again. He had great fun with us. He's a great person and my only wish is that every player gets the chance to work with him because he's such a great guy and a fantastic coach,” said the winger.

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